Careers & Health Education

Please note that in 2017 students will cover Health Education as part of a combined course with Careers (Semester 1) and Health Education (Semester 2).

Students will be streamed into Careers (Semester 1) and Health Education (Semester 2).

Careers (Semester 1)

Students participate in a semester-long programme that encourages them to examine their personal strengths, interests and attitudes and explore different work and career options that best suit their needs and abilities.  It is not anticipated that students will be matched with a career, but rather they will develop career skills that will help them to make informed decisions at the appropriate time in their lives.

The programme is designed to emphasise self-exploration skills for students to honestly assess their performance in past years, address areas of strengths and weaknesses, interests and hobbies and to set goals for the coming year. Students will use the knowledge gained from these activities to complete career exploration activities, designed to assist with their career planning.  There will also be some emphasis placed on developing an Individual Portfolio Pathway that will help them to set realistic goals for the future.

The primary focus in Term 2 will be on course selections and understanding the decisions they are facing in terms of their education and training post-Year 10. Careers will allow them the opportunity to explore further tertiary studies, apprenticeships or full time employment. Students will be given the opportunity to use the Job Guide and the internet to investigate career pathways, courses to assist with subject selection and the prerequisites requirements.

Health Education (Semester 2)

Students are introduced to a broad range of health issues. We emphasise that health encompasses 5 facets: spiritual, mental/intellectual, social, emotional and physical. Students will explore issues relating to drug education, sexuality and pre-driver education. The “Keys for Life” programme, which is a SCSA Endorsed Programme, is conducted in Semester 2 to coincide with students commencing as Learner Drivers.


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