Art - Specialised

Specialised Art

Specialised Art is modelled on the Year 11 ATAR programme. Students receive more creative freedom in Year 10 and will spend most of their time creating three major artworks. The second semester of the course is an opportunity for students to work on a personal project which could incorporate painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, video, textiles, animation, photography, printmaking, glass, or any combination of these.

Guest speakers, artists and Art teachers work as a team to coach and mentor students through the practical and theoretical aspects of the course. Students don’t need to be overly proficient in any one area when they enter the course, as they will develop skills along the way.

Prerequisite: Nil

Specialised Art leads to ATAR Visual Arts, or Certificate III, in Year 11 & 12.



Refer to the Art Pathways guide for more information


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