Physical Education & Sport


At Prendiville our students are spoilt for choice when it comes to opportunities to participate in sporting endeavours. These range from elite competitions at representative levels right down activities focused purely on participation.

 The majority of our sporting endeavours arise through our affiliation with the ACC (Associated and Catholic Colleges) who facilitate competitions with 65 other Non -Government schools from around the state in various events each year.

 Coastal Associated School (CAS) Sport

Through our affiliation with the ACC we are a member of the CAS Sports Group. This smaller sub association is comprised of 6 schools from the the Northern Coastal Corridor and provides the opportunity to participate in various team sports in a competitive environment.  Each Year students try out for the various teams and those selected will represent the College through the respective term long season.


Term One sports are:


Boys: Year 8/9 combined– Tennis and Cricket; Year 8 Basketball; Year 9 Basketball 

Girls: Year 8/9 combined– Tennis and Touch Rugby; Year 8 Basketball; Year 9 Basketball

Matches are conducted on Wednesday after school


Boys- Year 10-12 combined– Basketball and Volleyball. 

Girls- Year 10-12 combined– Basketball, Touch Rugby and Volleyball.

Matches are played on Tuesday after school


Term Two sports are:


Boys: Year 7- Basketball and Soccer; Year 8/9 combined- Soccer 

Girls: Year 7- Netball (A & B teams) and Soccer; Year 8- Netball; Year 9- Netball; Year 8 /9 combined- Soccer.

Matches are played on Wednesday after school.


Boys: Year 10-12 Soccer 

Girls: Year 10 Netball; Year 10-12 Soccer; Year 11/12 Netball.

Matches are played on Tuesday after school

 CAS (Coastal Associated Schools) AFL

Term 2 Teams are:


Boys: Year 7 - Year 8/9 combined

Matches are played on Thursday after school


Term 2/3

Boys: Year 10-12

 Matches played on Wednesday afternoons

Northern Reefs Schools Rugby Association

Commencing it’s third year in 2016, the Northern Reefs Rugby competition was introduced after a lack of suitable Rugby opportunities were available to a number of Northern Suburbs Schools. Though still fairly new, the Rugby Program at Prendiville is continuing to grow and potential expansion into a Seniors competition, girls Rugby and various Rugby 7’s opportunities are and will continue to be explored into the future.

 Term 3


Boys: Year 7/8 and Year 9/10 combined teams.

Matches played on Wednesday afternoons

 SSWA / Champion Schools Competitions

Prendiville’s involvement in School Sport WA (SSWA) events serves four major purposes.

  1. It allows us to fill gaps in the demand for certain sporting opportunities that are otherwise not provided through the CAS Sports model.
  2. It allows CAS teams to progress into state wide competitions that provide higher levels of competition.
  3. Students are able to compete in individuals events against other students from around the state that may lead onto State team selection.
  4. Students are able to attend team sport Trials to earn selection in State Representative teams to compete at National Schools Championships.

 In the past Prendiville students have participated in sports that include Athletics, AFL, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Rugby, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo, Orienteering, Surfing, Body boarding, Table Tennis, Equestrian and more.

 ACC Interschool Carnivals

As a school we compete in three major carnivals run by the ACC. These carnivals are

  • Swimming – Term 1
  • Cross Country- Term 2
  • Athletics- Term 3.

 Selection in these teams is an honour not afforded to many and a strong emphasis is placed on training in the lead up to these carnivals. From these carnivals our top level athletes are encouraged to enter various All Schools State Championships that in turn may lead to National competitions.

 Interhouse Sports Competitions

 These include the major Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country carnivals as well as a Surfing/ Bodyboarding carnival, year level volleyball competitions and mixed sports as part of our Annual Prendiville Day celebrations.

 Although champions and named for all of the major carnivals and they are all the major selection criteria for our Interschool carnivals and some SSWA events. They are open to all students of the College and participation is the major focus of the Interhouse competitions each year.


THE NUMBERS IN 2015.  (an evaluation of the previous year's performance)


CAS Sport in numbers

 1-Prendiville’s position in the overall CAS championship in 2015.

1-Prendiville’s position in the summer sport CAS championship in 2015.

1-Prendiville’s position in the Winter sport CAS championship in 2015. (Equal first)

4-Number of premierships we won in 2015.

 Those are the feel good numbers but these ones are the ones that really matter.

 28- teams that are involved in the CAS Sport program.

4- teams that didn’t have full time coaches in 2015.

303- number of individual students who participated in a CAS Sport Team in 2015

28- teams who are currently without a coach for next year.

 This year we had 150 individuals assist the PE department with our sport program, the majority of which were staff members in a volunteer capacity and at least 24 of them within the CAS program.






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