Why Prendiville?

You can feel secure in your choice.

You will find Prendiville a unique Catholic College. We offer wonderful educational opportunities for young women and men to thrive in. When we say thrive we mean that in body, mind and spirit they will develop as young adults to serve their community thus allowing a little of themselves to rub off on the world.

A contemporary catholic college

Our facilities are modern and up to date and we use the most efficient forms of technology to remain at the cutting edge of education. But more importantly our staff and students work together to highlight the most contemporary of values; respect, empathy and enlightenment.

Safe caring environment

During this process all our students learn to understand the real meaning of respect and that lasting quality of appreciating one another.

Inclusive and welcoming

Prospective Students, Family and Community members will always be extended a warm welcome to our College. The thought of a new environment and fitting in can be stressful. Interaction between people in a non-threatening manner will always be a foundation for interaction by all at Prendiville.

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Inclusive and welcome

Committed teachers and staff

With over 20,000 students who have passed through Prendiville since 1986 the notices of appreciation by Prendivilians of their past teachers and mentors is overwhelming.

Excellent pastoral care

Our six house Pastoral Care (Brigid, Chisholm, Francis, McAuley, Romero and Salvado) system is structured to encourage students to strive to reach their full potential. Students make lifelong friends through their Pastoral Care Group (PCG) and overcome challenges to set them on life’s path in the most supportive of environments.

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Excellent pastoral care

Great Range of Co-curricular activities

Our College prides itself in providing an expansive series of learning programs which go beyond the confines of the curriculum learning sphere. Each co-curricular activity will build upon the foundation of every day class activities but allow a more interactive and flexible learning opportunity. Our theory is, there is so much fun to be had in all aspects of College life, so let’s find new ways to provide that fun.

Every student at Prendiville Catholic College is encouraged to become an enthusiastic member of a Co-curricular activity; please explore our expansive list to "wet your appetite".

Excellent facilities

In the college's short history, astute planning and prudent use of funds has seen the campus build a massive Gymnasium and Function Centre, a Performing Arts centre housing a 300 seat theatre with teaching areas and studios for music and dance; then there is The Prendiville Centre of which its upper level is a board room and The Good Shepherd Chapel. The newly completed Reef Break Café is one of the most innovative catering facilities on any education campus. These facilities merely complement a state of the art library, open space flip teaching facilities and departmental spaces of the highest order. Even the ocean on our doorstep fits perfectly with our needs. Please use the button below to take a virtual tour of our college.

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Specialised programs

Many young Western Australians are drawn to the ocean for a number of recreational reasons, whether it be for swimming, sailing, fishing or surfing. Surfing offers a wonderful avenue to learn healthy recreational practices along with all the excitement of Social, Scientific, Physical and Social learning. Explore what this unique course has to offer.

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