The uniform at Prendiville Catholic College is a symbol of the College community and it assists students to develop a sense of unity and belonging.  Wearing a uniform encourages a sense of pride in appearance. Whenever the uniform is being worn at school or in public places, it must be worn in accordance with this policy.

Opening Hours

8.30am – 2:00pm | Tuesday – Friday 


(08) 9301 6258

Online Shop:

The online shop can be found by clicking this link.

Blue College shirt

Grey College trousers or shorts 

Grey Prendiville socks with red trim

Black leather lace-up shoes 

Red College jumper (optional)

College blazer (optional)

College back pack and sports bag

Blue College shirt

Grey College trousers

College tie

Grey Prendiville socks with red trim

Black leather lace-up shoes

College back pack and sports bag

Red College jumper (optional)

College blazer 

Grey College check dress 

Plain white socks visible above the shoes or beige stockings

Black leather lace-up shoes

Red College jumper (optional)

College blazer (optional)

College back pack and sports bag 

Grey College tunic

White long sleeve shirt

College tie

Plain white socks visible above the shoes or black stockings / tights

Black leather lace-up shoes

College back pack and sports bag only permitted

Red College jumper (optional)

College blazer

Grey College trousers (optional)

Red College polo shirt

Black College shorts

Black College track pants 

Black College track top 

“Sports specific shoes designed for sport (NOT fashion) These shoes must be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. “Vans, volley’s, slip- ons.”  and other similar designs do not comply with this Policy.”

White College sports socks with red trim

House polo shirt for nominated occasions

College surf hat or cap (optional)

Dress and tunic length is to be worn to the top of the knee.

As a minimum, blazers must be worn to school until the end of PCG, on the way home from school, and on formal occasions (eg school assemblies).

Must be a black leather lace up school dress shoe, not jogger or boot style, no platforms / high heels / buckles/ steel plates.

No T-shirt shall be visible beneath the uniform

Students are expected to be well groomed and to have a sense of pride in their appearance. College uniform expectations apply to all students when travelling to and from school, during school hours and for designated school functions. Students are expected to look clean, neat and tidy.

  • Hair must be one natural colour only. Extremes in hair colour and styles are not acceptable. Students with
    extremes of hair colour and/or style will be sent home to remedy the situation.
  • No excessive use of of hair gel/products.
  • No dreadlocks or coloured beads are permitted.
  • Excessively short hair is not permitted – a cut below a number three is unacceptable.
  • Hair must be clean, brushed and kept off the face.
  • If hair is longer than the bottom of the collar, all hair must be completely tied back with a ribbon or elastic band only in school colour/s (red/white/black).
    If a headband is worn it shall be black in colour.
  • Make-up and nail polish shall not be worn to while in school uniform.
  • Facial hair – students shall be clean shaven.
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.

Permitted Accessories

  • One simple FLAT ring.
  • One fine neck chain (only a Christian symbol may be added to the chain – optional).
  • One watch and/or one fine metal bracelet.
  • A maximum of one PLAIN stud or sleeper per ear lobe. Additional piercing or “taping over” is not permitted (including additional plastic studs).
  • A plain black belt with plain buckle.
  • A plain black scarf provided both school jumper and blazer are worn only.
  • No bags may be carried to lessons or around the school prior to Period 5. Sport bags for Physical Education lessons are permitted.
  • Prendiville Surf Hat or Cap (outdoors only), other types not permitted.

Management Procedure

Students with a valid reason for not wearing the correct uniform shall:

  • Bring a NOTE to school signed by a parent and then have the note signed by the Home Room teacher. The note is to indicate the period of time for which the reason is valid.
  • Carry the note with them for the duration of time they do not have the appropriate uniform.

If a student is not wearing the uniform correctly, a uniform infringement notice will be issued. Receipt of 3 uniform infringement notices will result in an automatic lunchtime detention. After 3 lunchtime detentions each uniform infringement
will result in an after school detention. However, a immediate lunchtime detention is issued for the following: no blazer, no tie, wrong shoes or wrong socks.

All uniform items should be clearly labelled. Graffiti is not permitted on College uniform items or on the student diary. Uniform items are available at the College Uniform Shop.

Welcome to the online Uniform Shop at Prendiville Catholic College.  We hope the following information will provide guidance when purchasing items.

The link to the online Uniform Shop is https://store.prendiville.wa.edu.au/product-category/uniforms/.  You can also access it via the tab ‘Shop at Prendiville’ on the College website.

Online orders will be processed twice a week and are ONLY available for collection from the Uniform Shop.  Purchases are not able to be distributed during PCG or class times.  A postal service is unfortunately not available either. 

Please note the following deadlines when placing orders:

  • Wednesday mornings (closing time will be midnight on the preceding Tuesday), for collection from Wednesday lunchtime.
  • Friday mornings (closing time will be midnight on the preceding Thursday), for collection from Friday lunchtime.

All new students are required to visit the Uniform Shop for correct sizing. 

If you are unsure of a uniform item size for your child, please contact the Uniform Shop before ordering.

All uniform items comply with the College Uniform Policy.  This information can be found via the following link  http://prendiville.wa.edu.au/enrol-at-prendiville/uniform/.

Second-hand uniforms are not available for purchase through the online shop.

We require you to acknowledge that you have read the Terms and Conditions of the online shop before proceeding with payment. 


  1. Acceptance
  • All online orders received by Prendiville Catholic College Uniform Shop for the supply of goods shall constitute acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained herein.
  • Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions by the purchaser, the terms and conditions form a binding contract.
  1. Price and Payment
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Payments must be received before the order is processed.
  • All online payments are required to be made by credit card.
  1. Order and Collection of Goods
    • All goods supplied are in a new condition.
    • Online orders will be processed twice a week during term time. In the event that the Uniform Shop is closed, the orders will be processed when the shop re-opens.  Ordering deadlines are:
      • Wednesday mornings (closing time will be midnight on the preceding Tuesday)
      • Friday mornings (closing time will be midnight on the preceding Thursday)
    • Students will receive a SEQTA message when the goods are ready for collection. Collection of goods will be available from the College Uniform Shop before school (from 8.15am), recess and lunch time.  The student will be required to sign acknowledging collection of the goods.
    • Once orders are collected and signed for, they become the property of the purchaser. The Uniform Shop does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to goods after collection.
    • Items not collected within one month of being advised of its collection availability, will be returned to stock, and a refund will be processed to the credit card used for the original purchase.
    • Prendiville Catholic College does not accept any liability for errors in purchasing. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they have placed and paid for their order correctly.
  1. Refunds and Exchanges
  • We are happy to exchange incorrect items if the items are returned to us in an original, unused and unwashed condition, with all tags still attached. Proof of purchase is required, and the return must be made within 10 days of purchasing. 
  • All items are to be returned in their original, undamaged packaging. If items are deemed not to be in their original condition, a refund for the full amount may not be issued as they will need to be sold as second-hand items.
  • Should a refund be required, it will be refunded to the credit card used for the original purchase.
  1. Defects
  • Please check your purchase when they arrive home. Should you notice any manufacturer defects with the items, or a shortfall in quantity supplied, please contact the Uniform Shop within 7 days of collection, by sending an email clearly stating your concern.  Faulty goods will need to be returned to the Uniform Shop for examination.  If the purchaser fails to comply with these conditions, then the goods shall be deemed to be free from any defect or damage.
  • All defects will be examined by the supplier prior to being replaced or refunded.
  1. Warranty
  • Where a warranty applies to a product, the warranty will be the current warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Prendiville Catholic College will not be held by or be responsible for warranty issues outside the manufacturer’s term.
  1. Cancellation
  • Should the purchaser cancel the order, they will be liable for any loss incurred by Prendiville Catholic College. The loss may be up to the value of the order if the College is unable to returns to goods to the supplier.
  1. Contact Details

Should you need to contact the Uniform Shop, please do so by emailing the Manageress, Mrs Kaye Thayer on kaye.thayer@cewa.edu.au, or telephone 9301 6258.  Opening hours are 8.15am – 2pm, Tuesday to Friday, during the school terms.  Any change to this time is corresponded to the parents via SEQTA.


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