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Prendiville Catholic College - aCROSS the World

TIDE Coordinator Warrick Palmateer Special Projects Coordinator Lynn Vroombout   

Enquiries can be made by emailing:  TIDE: (08) 93072000


Prendiville   Catholic  College students  are creating  fused  glass  crosses  to send to  Catholic  Schools, or associated organisations, in  every country in the world in   this   Year  of  Mercy. The  aCross  the  World  project  is  a  wonderful  cross curricular  activity involving multiple learning areas, staff, students and parents.

Students completing a Certificate III in Design Fundamentals through the Technology, Industry, Design & Enterprise learning area (TIDE) are involved in an exciting not for profit initiative where they create fused glass art for the college  and wider community.

You can see everything that goes in our TIDE department here on their Instagram!


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