We are Prendiville

Welcome to Prendiville Catholic College.

Since opening in February 1986, Prendiville Catholic College has established a reputation as an inclusive, safe, nurturing and challenging college within a faith-based environment.

We are proudly Catholic and our spirituality is the foundation of all learnings. We believe in ‘faith in action’ and, in doing so, we share the wisdoms, behaviours and points of view held within the Catholic faith through everything we do.

We are a co-educational day school and average 1050 students from Years 7 – 12. Our students thrive in our positive learning environment with the support of our highly qualified staff and excellent facilities. The original College motto, The Lord is our Shepherd, reflects our strong emphasis on pastoral care and our focus on the growth of every student.

Our College campus is set in a pleasant coastal setting. It has modern facilities which are continually developed to ensure our students are educated within the best physical environment possible. Our College seeks every student to see more, do more and be more.

Prendiville Catholic College Song

Lord, we share our Patrons’ vision
Of self-respect with Caroline Chisholm
With Saint Brigid, strength and ability
With Salvado, faith and humility
Romero gave comfort to all
St Francis we heed your call
McAuley your ideals instil
A sense of pride that is Prendiville
Prendiville we are Prendiville
United and strong we are Prendiville
In Your image Lord, our inspiration
We will strive oh God of our salvation
We are the Prendiville community
We live our Catholic values in society
Strive for justice and equality
We are Prendiville by the sea
We are Prendiville you and me



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